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Record your outbound call; save it, email it, archive it
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Use Verbatim Replay to record:

  • » Conference calls to share later with others
  • » Conversations for your files or forward to another interested party
  • » Specific client requirements
  • » Interviews to capture quotes accurately
  • » Legal depositions and interviews
  • » Employment interviews (candidates and interviewers)
  • » Discussions with customer service centers

Verbatim Replay is great for:

  • » Consumers
  • » Service Providers
  • » Sales Personnel
  • » Reporters
  • » Attorneys
  • » Staffing Managers
  • » Training Professionals
  • » Contractors

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Verbatim Replay™ — Record Your Outbound Calls

Verbatim Replay provides an easy, inexpensive way to record your outbound calls from any phone. When you need to document an important call or if you simply want to listen to a conversation again later, Verbatim Replay is the answer.


  • Helps protect you in business and private matters
  • Free account setup
  • No monthly fees — only low usage charges
  • No special hardware or software needed
  • Use with any phone, any time, anywhere*
  • Access your recordings 24x7 via the internet
  • Send your recordings directly to your email address
  • Safe, Secure and Legal**

Start recording your calls today!

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